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There is a lot to consider when ypu plan for modernization. A good starting point for developing a plan is to start by organizing the information that needs to be gathered to scope the project. From there, you can researching integrators and vendors to get pricing, budgets, timelines, and equipment lists.

Gather and extract expectations, ideas, and concerns up-front from all the relevant parties. Once you know what they are, use them to complete the internal project scoping.

When done right, automation has proven to deliver real benefits, including the following:

• Distinctive insights: Hundreds of new factors to predict and improve drivers of performance
• Faster service: Processing time reduced from days to minutes
• Increased flexibility and scalability: Ability to operate 24/7 and scale up or down with demand
• Improved quality: From spot-checking to 100 percent quality control through greater traceability
• Increased savings and productivity: Labor savings of 20 percent or more.


It is a place where machining work is done. Many people do not know what a local machine shop is and typically think about the place where a machine is produced. However, that is not what a machine shop is. Machining is the act of cutting raw materials and converting them into the desired shape and size. Power tools, cutting tools and hand tools are used.

What Is Typically Found at a Machine Shop?
Machine shop services for parts in quantities ranging anywhere from prototype through high production. Using a variety of tolos and machines such as Drill press, Grinding machine, Inspection equipment, Machining center, Milling machine, Metal lathe machine, Multitasking machine.

The Machine Shop Business
Because Machinery is expensive, and a lot of capital is required. it is not easy for you to set up a machine shop. You will also need skilled workers to work in the shop. You may think about hundreds of people working in the machine shop. However, that is not something that you will really see in modern times. There are machines that can do the work that people once did. Call us to full fill your Machine Shop Needs.


Robotic welding – a pathway to manufacturing resilience?
Good news for the welding industry!! especially from the perspective of the manufacturing industry. The global demand for products is surging and the complex manufacturing industry will be looking more vigorously for new technologies to optimize their factory operations. For the welding industry, this may also mean a growing demand for robotic. This perspective is confirmed in the Gartner Technology Trends report, which states that the advanced technologies have increased supply chain resilience and efficiency for the manufacturers who adopt it.

This evolution is already visible in the welding industry, as harnessing the welding data is becoming the new normal for many with more stringent standards, which force the end-customers to demand better quality and reporting and require the manufacturers to provide accurate documentation such as the welding data collected and stored in digital format making quality control easier and information flow in welding processes smooth, on how the products are being manufactured.

Despite the challenging past year, it is clear that new technology is creating new work. With manufacturers take on the initiative in creating better workplaces with modern equipment. Let’s hope the increasing investments on top-notch safety and tools will attract more new welders to the business!
Another development is that the automotive and transportation industries are increasingly using and welding high-strength steel to manufacture lighter structures with lower fuel consumption. Placing s higher demands on welding. As we all know, special steels require more attention to heat input (more limited and precise) and pre-heating of the welded parts.
As a general takeaway, the key question for 2021 is: in what state is business in general and how fast will the global economic activity start to recover? That remains to be seen.

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